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In the long quiet that followed, as we passed around the wine, and slowly became drunker, I found myself thinking about President William McKinley, the third American president to be assassinated. He lived for several days after he was shot, and toward the end, his wife started crying and screaming, "I want to go too! I want to go too!" And with his last measure of strength, McKinley turned to her and spoke his last words: "We are all going."
-Looking for Alaska by John Green

So my car broke down in the middle of nowhere New Mexico and its dark and there’s a storm coming and we are waiting for a tow truck and I’m freaking out and I just want to be in oregon.


I follow the right amount of people where I see no actual drama on my dash but I see everyone talking about it

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if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable


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reblog if you’re the gay sister

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'if lesbians use dildos why don't they just have sex with a man?'


'if straight men like fucking women in the ass why don't they just fuck men?'

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